Private Health Insurance as a Doctor

Change of Status of your Health Insurance

Experience has shown that as a doctor, after your first year as an assistant doctor, you have the opportunity to switch to private health insurance. Your Human Resources department may have already informed you that your income is above the annual threshold enabling you to receive private health insurance. For this we congratulate you, because:

The premium for private health insurance for assistant doctors in continued education is EUR 340 per month!

As a voluntary member of the statutory health insurance your contribution will be as high as EUR 928 per month starting from 2021. Switching to a private health insurance plan will allow you to take advantage of significant financial benefits.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a private health insurance plan?

The decision to choose a private health insurance plan should be considered for the long term. Consequently, both the tariff and the provider should be chosen wisely.

When choosing a private health insurance provider, consider companies that offer special rates for doctors and that show a stable number of members.

In principle, the following reimbursements should always be covered in any insurance plan:

  • 100% Family Doctor or directly consulted Specialist
  • 100% for Medication (including medication that does not require a prescription)
  • 100% One- or Two-Bed Room in a hospital
  • 100% free choice of doctor in the hospital (without GOÄ-Limitation)
  • 100% for Dental Procedures, -Prophylaxis and Inlays
  • 85% for dentures (incl. implants) and Orthodontics (usually limited in training tariffs)

Additionally, there are special, significant criterea, which should be considered!

Private Health Insurance as a doctor – The most common questions:

Should you not need to claim any benefits, some insurance providers will offer you a refund of up to six months of your premium payments.

A frequent point of criticism is the amount of payments later in life – A well thought out drafting of the contract counteracts this and forms the basis of any qualified consultation.

It is important to note that children are usually also required to be privately insured. On average, the premium per child amounts to EUR 135. This amount will be subsidized by the employer up to the maximum limits.

Should you not be able to switch yet this year, please feel free to contact us. We will be able to already record and save your health status and ensure that a future switch will be easily possible.

The clear answer is “Yes“ – the training tariffs for assistant doctors in specialist training are real private insurance policies.